At Frady’s Lawn & Landscape, we’re here to help you with most any outdoor project you have in mind. We can formulate simple landscaping and garden ideas or design more complex landscape architecture — whatever it is you want to accomplish with your outdoor space, Frady’s is up to the task.

We pride ourselves on our team’s plant knowledge and excellent customer service. We’re the experts when it comes to landscaping services and plant species information. We know what plants flourish in our area and how to go about taking care of them. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to stop by, give us a call or reach out through social media and we’ll be happy to give you and answer.

Our services include:



Landscape Design Consultation

Plant Installation

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

Custom Lawn Applications

Tree and Shrub Care

Aeration and Overseeding


Spring and Fall Cleanup

Leaf Removal

Water Fountain Installation (if purchased from our retail store)


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